Gimme Me More Couture


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Though Couture week has come and gone I am still left mesmerized by what I saw. Yes, this review is late but these gorgeous clothes have not left my mind. First off Chanel Haute Couture was a complete dream, per usual. Karl Lagerfeld took a “green” approach this season and it was quite lovely because everything was decadent and rich and was over the top beautiful in every possible way. Though the words I just used to describe the collection do not seem eco-friendly the collection proved it was just that with healthy resources used in the collection that will last forever and are timeless just like the collection itself. Now onto Atelier Versace I rather enjoyed it and thought the clothes were executed beautifully as the unfinished suit Gigi Hadid wore was really sexy and strong all wrapped into one. Giambattista Valli Haute Couture was a fluffy (very fluffy) dream. The gowns are always a sight to see just by themselves and I just adore seeing them float effortlessly down the runway. Dior Haute Couture was wonderful due to the circumstances of having head designer, Raf Simons, resign at the helm of Dior. I thought the staff did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed what I saw. Armani Privé was intriguing due to the color choice of mauve, which grew on me more as the collection progressed. Armani is always so classic and just really pleasing to the eye. Finally Valentino Haute Couture was just so inspiring it left me breathless. The way the head designers find ways to inspire them is just wondrous. The models were ethereal and so were the ravishing gowns. Everything was just perfect.

The Display


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As one of my final assignments in my Teen Vogue x Parsons program, I had to go to my local retail outlet aka the mall to find some displays that were compelling to me. I found the Louis Vuitton display breathtaking as always. I am always so amazed at how wonderful and different each display is. I cannot even comprehend what I see because it is so magnificent and truly inspiring and fresh. It is like nothing I have seen before. And then the inside of the store as well is beautiful with bags in small shelving units from floor to ceiling so that each accessory gets its own shining moment.


The New York Outfit


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Hello hello! I finally got some pics of my favorite outfit I wore in New York. I wore this to see Hamilton, that marvelous new musical about the founding father Alexander Hamilton. The musical was everything I hoped for it to be and more, and I am so incredibly amazed I got to see it. My outfit too was everything I had hoped for it to be and more. (I had planned to wear this to Hamilton a few weeks in advance). I got to show off my new boots and once again proved my love for turtlenecks with this outfit.

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Turtleneck: Forever 21

Coat: its from Italy!

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Ivanka Trump

Global Interaction


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Helllllooooo, its me! In this part of my Teen Vogue x Parsons assignment I learned more about my readers. Yes all of you out there in the world! I receive mostly views from girls living in the United States of America. Mostly my readers look on the website from around 10 to 11 A.M. It is so fascinating to know I have readers from around the world on my blog. I just received a view from Georgia not the state, the country! I am honored that you all have decided to read my blog and the best is yet to come. Happy 2016! xoxo



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Finally the production challenge! Keeping with my box clutch idea I embarked on my challenge to actually make this bag… It was very stressful but hey I think I am proud of the final product! And yes I would do this challenge all over again! Here is my production chart with the costs…

Light Canvas: $4.99

Black Button: $1.79

Hot Glue Gun: $12.99

Hot Glue Gun Sticks: $3.99

Paint (3 bottles): ($1.50 x 3) $4.50

Labor ($8 per hour) @ 20% ($5.65): $33.91

Retail Price: $35.00


The Mockup


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Another part of my Parsons x Teen Vogue program is to make a mockup of my signature bag. I, in this case, decided to make a box clutch as my signature bag. So I gathered up some card stock and fired up the hot glue gun and made my mockup. It was time consuming but I feel worth it in the end to see my idea come to life.


I had to include my production cost grid if I were to make this bag in a real life setting.

Light canvas (one yard): $4.99

Black Button: $1.79

Hot glue gun: $12.99

Glue sticks for hot glue gun: $3.99

Labor ($8 per hour) @ 20% ($4.75): $28.51

Retail price: $30.00



The Difference


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Another assignment from my Teen Vogue x Parsons program was to find the difference between clothing sizings at a large store that offers various brands. I went to one store, (which I probably should not name) and to my surprise the clothes were mostly the same fit in each size! I tried on either three or four of the same size in different brands and they all were around the same fit for me. So that was a big relief knowing that I can trust that store for a true size in every garment.

A Penny for Your Thoughts


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I usually do not talk about other things other than fashion but I think this is pretty interesting!  I have embarked on a fashion program Parsons has decided to do with Teen Vogue. Its amazing so far I cannot believe how much I have learned. One of my assignments was to figure out production costs for a small wire and pebble ring I made. Long story short you really can make a profit if you find cheaper materials for your product. At first buying my materials the production cost plus profit came out to be $8.38. But then with getting my materials from cheaper sources online the production cost with profit came out to be $6.45. It really does make a difference! So for a non-mathy girl like myself, this type of math problem is one I would gladly solve!

Perfect Pre Fall Part One


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Pre Fall never at first made much sense to me but after consideration and looking at the fashion offered recently, I had an epiphany! Its like having Christmas twice a year (along with Resort collections). Pre Fall is a little snapshot into the upcoming seasons and the fashion usually is offered right now to buy, which is fabulous. But now onto my faves…

Oscar de la Renta was a new take this season and I really enjoyed it. Every image sparked some newfound excitement inside of me and that is what fashion is all about: feeling something spectacular through the appearance of clothing. Peter Copping adds his own flair to the original brand in the best way possible.

Red Valentino is like Valentino young girls like me would die to wear right now. (Not that I would not mid wearing grown up Valentino myself! Hey any kind of Valentino is good enough for me!) The combination of shapes and colors was exhilarating and gives much inspiration to me.

Chanel, I mean “hello, this is the real deal”. I cannot even express the adoration I have for Karl’s genius. Every season is something new and fresh which is hard for being a part of a brand for so long. But Karl does it! The clothes are nothing less of spectacular and decadently gorgeous. I want it all!

Michael Kors is so right now and always has something every fashion girl is coveting at the moment. This collection was quite new I feel with the embellished coats and the frivolous feathers. It was just the right amount of drama.

Gucci. It deserves its own one word sentence. It is so luxe and just so inspirational. It makes me feel joyful and that sometimes is an aspect that is missing in the fashion we experience today. I adored every piece, it takes me to another time. I mean I feel like I have never experience something like this before.

BONUS: JONATHAN SIMKHAI. My new love. The recent winner of the CFDA Fashion Fund Award winner caught me by surprise. He is so creative with his shapes! It was feminine and very strong at the same time. And that is the type of woman I want to be.

All images via Vogue Runway


New New York 


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Hi there everyone! I have been in New York the past couple of days so that is why I have been so inactive on here! But I just wanted to share some pictures of my trip. I love New York so very much and it holds such dear meaning to me. My parents met here and my sister was born here ( I was born in New Jersey so it’s kind of close). Every time  I come I experience some new wonderful feeling and every time I leave, it is impossible for me to do so. It’s a spectacular place where I hope to live some day. I know in my heart I will make it happen. 

But onto my clothes because this is what this blog is all about! I apologize for not taking any pictures of my outfits. I was just so busy and didn’t have a spare moment to snap a pic! And I will say I loved every outfit I wore here. But the staple piece I had was this furry pink coat I wore everyday. It is from my trip to Italy and it is essentially the most luxe and divine coat I own. I am wearing it in the picture with my reflection in the mirror. I promise I will upload a post of the outfits I wore later! Oh and the purple pants and turtleneck was something I almost packed but I thought this outfit was too fabulous to leave out!