Will my obsession with Glossier ever end? Doubtful- but it never hurts to write another piece about one of my favorite makeup brands ever! This is a piece I have written for my professor in my Fashion Journalism class in school. 


“Oh my gosh,” I mutter as I look into the mirror at Glossier in Covent Garden. This quiet exclamation of terror stems from the fact that the fluorescent orange lip gloss I have just put on is let’s just say, not my color.

Do not get me wrong; Glossier is one of my favorite make-up and skincare brands to date because of its easy and accessible appeal. I just made the rare mistake of choosing a product that, I believe, did not suit me.

After I wipe off the lip stain, I move onto the same lip stain now in a different color. Success! The lip stain called “Vinylic Lip” in color “Blow-Up” perfectly suits my already pink pout. The formula is moisturizing, glossy and most of all packs a pretty punch. I buy it along with a new favorite product of mine— a serum called “Futuredew” that gives anyone the dreamiest complexion. I am convinced it is pure magic.

Recently, Glossier has revolutionized the way the beauty industry perceives typical “beauty” standards. Rarely, a brand like Glossier makes it into the mainstream with its lax approach to how one should apply makeup. Glossier really believes one’s hands are the best tools and that a natural, playful look is the best one of all.

The company does not sell on false promises— Glossier’s website discusses its best and worst reviews of every product equally. It is difficult to even find any negative reviews of Glossier’s products because of the massive amount of fans this brand has accumulated in recent years.

Glossier with now-famous products such as “Boy Brow” (a brow pomade) and “Haloscope” (a dewy highlighter) heighten one’s natural beauty and does not obscure it into something entirely unrecognizable.

With those two products as the jumping-off point for expansion, Glossier has delved into all things beauty from zippy eyeliners to now legitimate skincare products (the company’s acne care line has been hailed as revolutionary for those suffering from spots).

But the crowning jewel of Glossier’s success could be in its foray into fragrance. Glossier’s signature scent dubbed “You” is a unisex perfume that is spectacular for one’s senses. I was given a bottle for Christmas last year, and I cherish it deeply. Pink and red on the outside, but with notes of musk, ambrette, ambrox, and a sprinkle of pink pepper on the inside, “You” will make you smell delectable.

When I make my way into Glossier, decorated in varying pastel palettes of roses (aptly so as the store is on Rose Street), I am hardly shocked that the store has the distinct and lovely aroma of “You” along with hoards of customers jumping at the chance to try on all available samples.

I, along with these customers, try on everything I can from the inky and elongating mascara called “Lash Slick” to the creamy and classic lip balm “Balm Dotcom” in a variety of flavors ranging from mango to mint.

So when I make my way to try on “Vinylic Lip” after successful endeavors at other stations, I am confident to attempt a color that is not typically used in my makeup routine. Although the tangerine hue may not have been successful today, with Glossier’s faith that anyone can rock any look, I may be tempted to try that color one more time.