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Hello! Once again I am sharing an article that I have written for my school’s fashion magazine, Pack Fashion. It’s about the makeup brand Glossier that I have been a long time advocate of from the start. Quite simply this article is a love letter to the makeup brand that started a revolution in letting natural beauty be more than enough. Please enjoy!

What is “everyday beauty” when you’re in college? Do you put on a full face of makeup only for it to melt away on the way to class, or do you not put any makeup on at all and go about your day in a fresh-faced kind of way? For those of the latter, the brand Glossier is ideal for college students. With Glossier more suited for a college budget, what you are offered is for certain what you get and more. Their award-winning perfume, “You” is a unisex scent that is irresistible with notes of ambrette, ambrox, and musk. 

Among their makeup products, their “Boy Brow” is a top seller for many reasons. It helps your brows look defined without looking drawn on, and the formula is so soft it does not make your brows feel stiff either. What makes Glossier so wonderful– and especially wonderful for college students– is how easy the products are to use and that above all else you still look like you after applying the makeup. The eyeshadows called “Lidstar” are offered in a plethora of dreamy colors ranging from an earthy green to pale lilac. The creamy formula is simple to apply as it comes out of a lipgloss tube; it enhances your natural look even more so. 

Glossier also features a variety of models with varying skin tones and different assets to one’s face whether it be a splotch of freckles or a distinctive beauty mark. Glossier embraces differences and celebrates the little things that make us all who we are threefold. The most important aspect this brand embraces is that one’s natural beauty does transcend all the makeup in the world, but a little swipe of lipstick doesn’t hurt from time to time. 



Image via Glossier.com