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Hello all!! Well, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to write my first post while in college but here it is! This piece I am about to share was published in my college’s fashion magazine. I am so excited to share this work with you as it is one of my favorite articles I have ever written. 

Ever binge-watched a TV show on Netflix? Probably. But have you ever gone so far as to emulate the show in your personal style? It isn’t that uncommon to do so as there is so much to be inspired by in the world of television. TV shows create alternate universes or transport us to times we were not a part of, but after watching we feel we were present with those characters.

One TV show particularly sparked a revolution in retro dressing, bringing back A-line skirts and kitten heels among other timeless styles. This show, Mad Men, made women around the world wild for feminine styles emulating Jackie Kennedy with nipped waists and collarless dresses. Mad Men spans the decade of the 1960’s leading up to 1970’s, and by watching this show, audiences have gained a plethora of inspiration from the styles shown by the brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant.

Bryant creates a world through her designs in which celebrities and designers alike have joined the retro revival style-wise. Designer Louis Vuitton featured a leather camel A-line skirt paired with a floral bustier, thick black straps, and leather camel gloves in his Fall 2010 collection. This look demonstrated the polished mood from the 60’s while still remaining modern. Even the shoes, dainty kitten heels with big yellow bows, give a nod to the 60’s. Bryant also created an extremely successful collection for Banana Republic, giving shoppers of America a new rendition of 60’s style by way of cigarette trousers, leopard print, and of course cat-eye sunglasses.

It’s safe to say television shows inspire people in real life when it comes to dressing, and it’s exciting to see how fashion and TV work together to help create fabulous style for everyone, and bring back blasts from the past in the fashion department.

Banana Republic Mad Men Collection

Janie Bryant for Banana Republic (above)

Michael Kors

Michael Kors Collection

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Ready to Wear

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

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