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Gosh, its been awhile since I have entered the wonderful world of blogging. I apologize greatly for my lack of blogging, I feel awful, but it has been a very busy time for me!! I am a senior in high school if that tells you anything but that’s all I’ll say. No excuses its time for Haute Couture week. Now onto that.

First of all I practically loved everything I saw this season. Starting off with Atelier Versace I was saddened when it was announced that there was no show to take place in Paris. But the clothes are such a spectacle themselves a show just would have emphasized their wonder. I enjoyed the pictures released but really only two pieces caught my eye that were heavily embellished.

Chanel Couture is always one of my favorite shows to see. Mr. Lagerfeld never ceases to amaze me with his innovation and creativity every season. And this season was no exception. The color scheme was wonderful, and, of course, I loved the bright silver specks and feathers adorning practically every look. Another part of the show that I enjoyed was the pearl anklets with the heels!!

Dior was a wonderland, literally. The garden scheme was beautifully paired with the clothes shown. I loved the tapered waists and full skirts that are so classic but with the new creative director’s vision, they seemed fresh, new and unexpected.

Giambattista Valli is always a show to watch even if just for the voluminous finale looks that are always such fun to see. But I was really fascinated by the 60’s inspiration that was evident in the short minidress and the flowing gown with the floral pattern.

Schiaparelli is always an interesting show to see in my opinion. The clothes especially the patterns and shapes are quite unlike what you usually see. I especially enjoyed the classic lobster print on a certain dress.

Finally, Valentino, I feel like I am floating on a cloud just thinking about this show. The design houses’s new direction is absolute perfection to me. It’s feminine and dainty as shown with the tissue-paper textured sleeves. But then I see a pair of stark white paints with a strong overcoat and now I’m convinced this show has a bit of an edge to it. It’s a combination of everything anyone (especially me!) would ever want. So there you have it! My first review in dare I say five months… I shudder at that thought, but I promise I will write soon. Till then.