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Resort season has begun! These Resort collections are the clothing women can have when they are traveling. The clothes are mostly pointed towards women who travel in the winter months. The Louis Vuitton show took place in Rio, Brazil. As evidenced by the photos, the setting for the show was absolutely stunning and surreal. Oh and so were the clothes! The collection gave off a sporty feel but was polished as well. The fashion house has been experimenting with a futuristic feel as well but the contrasting black and white color scheme was really classic. The pops of bright colors was a beginning for a nice, new addition for the brand.

If there is something you need to know about me is my immense love for Gucci. Alessandro Michele breathed fresh new life into this brand, and it was something this brand needed so desperately. Everything he does inspires me like how he held the show in Westminster Abbey. Like how cool is that?! The clothes were typical Gucci style but in the best way possible: fascinating shapes and exuberant colors along with intricate embellishments. Michele made even a chin strap on a hat look classy and covetable. A CHIN STRAP!!! Anyway per usual I was blown away and could not stop saving images to upload for this post.

The Christian Dior show was very intriguing. The leaving of creative director Raf Simons has left a gaping hole in my heart and I miss him so very much. The creative team has done a wonderful job with keeping the brand together and inserting their own takes on the future of the brand like mixing prints and having more colors featured in the collections they have produced. I look forward for the future of Dior and await each collection very anxiously.

Images via Vogue Runway