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By now I am sure you all know I have quite an immense and strong love for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld is an absolute genius and I just get inspired seeing how he inspires himself as each season continues on. This Cruise 2017 collection was no different. It was superb! As I not pay attention to my physics class, (I mean, who needs physics anyway!) I look and devour these images I find of the collection. This season the runway show took place in Cuba a newly opened country for America’s business. It was beautiful. From the pictures I can tell this has to be an amazing spot. The collection was luxe and each look was frothy and delicious in its own way. It was classic but with a twist. I know my words are not quite original but I see little aspects of Coco Chanel herself in the collection with the black accents and strong structured pants. But it was exhilarating to see those classic touches be reborn a la Karl Lagerfeld.I was totally blown away and having heart palpitations. Yeah, my love for Chanel extends that far.The sequins are bright colors and the accessories galore was more than enough to power me through the day, daydreaming about owning those garments myself. A girl can dream right? Below are my favorite looks. Enjoy.

Images Via Vogue