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Hi there everyone! I have been in New York the past couple of days so that is why I have been so inactive on here! But I just wanted to share some pictures of my trip. I love New York so very much and it holds such dear meaning to me. My parents met here and my sister was born here ( I was born in New Jersey so it’s kind of close). Every time  I come I experience some new wonderful feeling and every time I leave, it is impossible for me to do so. It’s a spectacular place where I hope to live some day. I know in my heart I will make it happen. 

But onto my clothes because this is what this blog is all about! I apologize for not taking any pictures of my outfits. I was just so busy and didn’t have a spare moment to snap a pic! And I will say I loved every outfit I wore here. But the staple piece I had was this furry pink coat I wore everyday. It is from my trip to Italy and it is essentially the most luxe and divine coat I own. I am wearing it in the picture with my reflection in the mirror. I promise I will upload a post of the outfits I wore later! Oh and the purple pants and turtleneck was something I almost packed but I thought this outfit was too fabulous to leave out!