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And now here we are in Milan! The beautiful fashion capitol offered some fantastic looks this season. Starting with Dolce and Gabbana, the clothes of course are gorgeous and luxe in detail but what I loved more than anything was the story each print told. The model was a traveling gal who I could tell was well versed with the ways of the world. Etro this season was feminine in all the right ways with the clothes easy structure and sophisticated prints. So many looks were gorgeous and breathtaking. Giamba was just pure fun. It appealed to me so much because at my age of 17, I would adore to wear any of those flirty looks. Now onto my true love, Gucci, my heart skipped several beats seeing this exuberant confections float down the runway. There was not one look I did not covet, Michele has done wondrous things with Gucci and I will wait restlessly till March to see whats in store for next season. You can always expect sleek and polished pieces from Prada and this season was no different. The clothes were elegant with the additions of sequins and other details like the bright colors. Versace just keeps getting better as each season goes by. Donatella Versace is brilliant with her sexy pieces and fabulous prints. I will miss you Milan, till next time. Xx

(All images via Vogue Runway)