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I cannot even tell you how many pairs of jeans I own. There are far too many to count. I have to have a certain wash and a certain length and when it comes to it always the perfect fit. I cannot function if my jeans are too tight or really if anything is too tight… But then I found these jeans. My heart lept with joy as I snuck them from my mother’s closet (oh and thanks mom for letting me keep them!) and put them on. They fit!!! I honestly had no idea if they would since my mother may be the most petite woman on the planet. But hooray! Then I got to thinking what top would equally suit these superb jeans. My eyes found it in an instant, my new, crisp, white embroidered shirt. I put it on and paired the outfit with none other than my beloved clogs. They are heaven personified. Comfortable and they give my short frame some much needed height. I added some jewelry and looked in the mirror and was quite pleased with the look I concocted.

(shirt: Anthropologie, jeans: vintage, clogs: Asos